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We certainly like to be in control of our lives, and for us players, that means in control of the sounds we create. That's where effects boxes and various signal processors come in.

Use them with guitars, bass and keyboards to modify amplitude for volume, the waveform for distortion, filter frequencies, add delay, echo and the list goes on. Processor control allows us to configure a truly unique sound of our own.

Duane Eddy, on his 1958 hit, Rebel Rouser, used a secret combination of gear for that wonderful tone. You can do it now easily with technology. New electronics may have gotten us to the moon but we like applying it to our guitars! We never tire of new gear.


Effect boxes - These inexpensive boxes offer specialized effects like distortion. They come in all flavors just like the many and varied distortions that have made music to rock the world. Chorus boxes can enhance your clean chords with colors of sound. You'll find various digital effects such as delays, echo, octave devices and Wah Wah, a favorite reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

  Multi-effects - Multi-effect processors have all of the above and toss in an incredible amount we couldn't begin to explain here. Start with equalizers, compressors, pitch shifting, over-drives, modulators... all this and more with infinite variations and control allowing you to create your own sound. You can program and save them for use later. These are ' must see and hear' items. Try one today.

Accessories - This includes everything else in the store. The walls are covered with cool stuff you want or need and some you didn't know you needed. Browsing is simply fun and we invite you to come in and do just that. If your budget is low, you may find that little something to satisfy the buying impulse. Our customers are welcome whether they spend a little or a lot. Hey, we're here for you.

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