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Corson Music had its beginnings as a second store for Baldwin Music of Champaign, Illinois. During the summer of 1997, Baldwin's sales manager Dyke Corson hired Lou DiBello to oversee and manage the new satellite location. It was given the name, The Guitar Store.

The store opened in the location of the former "1st National Guitar", a University of Illinois campus location operated by "Skip" Paul , a long time friend of area musicians. It had a rich and cherished history in the hearts of local guitar and bass players. It was key in developing the acoustic music scene in C-U contributing the to rise of a student named Dan Fogelberg.

Dyke and Lou also had deep roots in the music scene. This was the seed that later was to develop into Corson Music. February 1999 was a pivotal time when Dyke left Baldwin Music and opened his own store on University Avenue in Champaign. The new store was given the name, Corson Music. The Guitar Store moved the following spring to it's current location at 202 W Main St., in Urbana is is now Corson Music's Guitar Store.

The Champaign location is larger, and carries a full line of guitars, basses, amps, pedal boards and effects, microphones, mixers and, well, just about anything a musician could want. Plus, you can come in and see them, test them and talk with experts about what's best for you. You'll also find a selection of quality professional audio and PA gear, lighting equipment, DJ gear and more. The Champaign store also provides equipment rentals.

Set-ups and in-house guitar repair is available as well as electronic service to keep your gear in tip-top shape. We consult, design and install church/worship sound reinforcement and other commercial sound applications. Need video application? We do that too!

Beyond supplying the local community with all their music related needs, we regularly help with charitable events by donating prizes, or sponsoring them ourselves. A unique example is the Strings for Diapers fundraiser where volunteers would restring guitars in exchange for donations to the Crisis Nursery in Urbana.


71 E. University Ave, Champaign IL 61820 - 217.352-1477

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Our staff is ready to serve you

We're one block east on Chester St. from the Illinois Terminal in downtown Champaign and only 10 min from campus by bus.

Our knowledgeable, professional staff are ready to help you make important choices and to answer questions. They can help over the phone but don't be surprised if they invite you over for a test drive of just what you're looking for. In the long run, isn't that what you really want... to get your hands on it and hear what it does for you?


  • Dyke Corson - owner and founder of Corson Music
  • Don Myles - Champaign store manager
  • Jerry Erickson - guitar and electronics tech, sales
  • Keven Wyld - install tech, audio consultant, sound engineer
  • Jack Marck - lessons
Mon - Fri   11:00 AM - 6:00 PM  /  Sat  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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